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We are currently experiencing difficulties with the Candle Shop part of the website.

Please eMail or call 845-679-0600 or 845-684-7158 to order.

New Items:


Floats – $3.00 each


We are now selling 4 Foot and 5 Foot candles.

4 Footer for $45 each.
5 Footer for $55 each.

Because of the delicate nature of larger sized candles, we will not be able to send them through the postal service. We will sell them for pickup and delivery (arranged by you before the sale).

Please eMail or call 845-679-0600 or 845-684-7158 to order.


We will be able to provide the following types of incense directly from our store:

Pure Frankincense – 1 oz – $6
Orange Blossom – 1 oz – $6
Sandalwood – 1 oz – $6
Honeysuckle – 1 oz – $7
Hyssop – 1 oz – $7
Lily of Aegina – 1 oz – $7
Evergreen & Embers – 1 oz – $7
Burning Bush – 1 oz – $7
Lindisfarne – 1 oz – $7
Constantinople – 1 oz – $8
Damask Rose – 1 oz – $8

We will also sell the ½ pounds and 1 pound sizes through special order.

Please eMail or call 845-679-0600 or 845-684-7158 to order.

Pure Beeswax Candles

All of our candles are made of 100% pure beeswax. They are all strung, dipped, and packaged by hand. We also haul, melt, and strain all the wax ourselves. All our work is dedicated to God through obedience and prayer. The proceeds from your order go to the sustenance of our monastic community and the building of our new monastery enclosure.

Please contact us here or here if you have any questions. We thank you for your support, and may God save and bless you.


We now sell Thee Kings Charcoal! Three Kings is the world’s best known, highest quality quick-lighting charcoal. The tablets ignite immediately and burn evenly for a long time, without giving off any odor or smoke.
We carry the 40 mm size, available by the box ($20.50) or the roll ($2.50). There are ten rolls to a box and ten tablets to a roll. Please use the candle order form below.

Candle Pricing

Pricing update: For orders less than 35lbs, our standard candles are now $11/lb. Churches (and individuals) will continue to be charged $9/lb for orders 35lbs and over.

Our standard candles for lighting in Church come in three sizes. View Sizing Chart.

  • Number One candles are 10 1/2 inches long and about 5/16 in width.
  • Number Three candles are 13 1/2 inches long and about 1/2 in width
  • Number Five candles are 17 inches long and about 5/8 in width

The following special order candles may have small discrepancies between batches. Reading and Lighting candles are more expensive due to the cost of the wicks we use. If ordering Reading Candles, please make note of your preferred length in your message below. We’ll be happy to answer any questions.

  • Bishop Candles (Dikera-Trikera): 25$/set of 5 (22 inches long and 1/2 inch wide.)
  • Reading Candles: 11$/lb (13 inches long and less than a quarter inch wide)
  • Lighting Candles: 13$/lb (10 1/2 inches long and very thin, they are used for lighting lamps)

Shipping & Handling: We use both the USPS and UPS to ship our orders.  The prices vary with which shipper we use and the destination.  We try hard to send with the least expensive shipper, and on average it is about $1.50 per pound. 

Our standard shipping size is a box that holds 35 pounds; but any amount can be ordered. We will send an invoice promptly after receiving your order. Our preferred method of payment is by check or cash/pickup, but we also accept Paypal.

Candle Order Form

Your Name:
Your Email:

If you are ordering for a Church, please specify which Church:

Boxes of Three Kings Charcoal ($20.50):

Rolls of charcoal ($2.50):

Please write the number of pounds for each type of candle you would like to order.

#1 candles:

#3 candles:

#5 candles:

Bishop Candles:

Reader candles:

Lighting Candles:

We also offer spiral candles for feasts and other special occasions. These are more expensive and available only in smaller quantities. If you would like to know more or order them, please mention them in the Additional Comments section.

Shipping address:

We will be in contact with you regarding payment after we send the invoice. To help the process, what is your preferred payment method?

 Paypal Check Cash/Pickup

Your email message:


If you do not hear from me within three days after ordering, eMail me.